Conversations have emerged in relation to social media consumption and its impacts to the modern society. After hours of research, it was evident that applications installed have contributed to modern technology abuse.

Having had discussions on how to solve the outlined challenges, Kiss FM conducted a survey across it's social media platforms asking Netizens to rank their favorite social media apps.

The survey had sparking contradictions with Twitter evidently the most popular app among Kenyans followed by Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook.

Although TikTok wasn’t captured in the survey, many social users voted for the app claiming was the most used app since the pandemic with its users becoming addicted to it.


Some replies from the survey were:

Kindendaphilip Telegram

Tatookenya_ zote


R_ozzete Where's ticktock

Ndujulliani Instagram and YouTube

Babasawnpoetry Netflix

Msonadimson TikTok

Suezannjeri Ako wapi bwana TikTok


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