Anerlisa Muigai is not taking any prisoners in her quest to shun people who are busy not minding their businesses and focusing on hers.

Taking to her social media Anerlisa advised the stalkers to get more constructive work to do other than posting things about others over and over. 

"Do some people not get tired of posting basic sh.t over and over... like start reading a book, educate yourself, find a job and be good at it, pick a language and perfect it, inspire people, be ambitious or find a hobby not act childish from Monday to Monday.

Any person above 25 years should do any of the above. It hurts me to see people who have a lot of potential go to waste...anyway Good Morning, just got up, about to go work out," Anerlisa wrote. 

Now that she is single, netizens have been on the Keroche heiress' case trying to dig on whom she's dating.

There was a twist of events on Tuesday when socialite, Vera Sidika's brother Josh shared a photo of himself with Anerlisa during her birthday. 

"February is here, a month to express love and affection. Happy New Month y'all," he captioned the photo.