“People will only hate on something that’s good…people will throw stones at a tree that bears fruits.” Were Jalang’o’s words on the wake up call segment today.

In reference to Mungai Eve and byfriend Trevor being trolled on social media for purchasing a new car, Jalang’o explained on how Kenyans tend to support you when you are trying your best and become successful and after you’ve made it, they then bash you with hateful comments on socials.

After the purchase of the new car, the couple took it to social media to thank all those in support of their YouTube channel, which has over a thousand videos, but contrary to their expectations the hate they received even pushed them to create a video on how they felt and coped with the accusations directed towards them.


The couple is known for viral YouTube videos of various personalities like Mbogi Genje, Manzi wa Kibera and Safara Gathimiti.

In conclusion, the presenter added that “nobody will hate if you ain’t doing anything, if nobody hates you just know you are doing nothing… and if you are being hated on just know that things are starting to work out… keep pushing and even work harder so that there is much hate.”