It is sad to say that you can work so hard and have amazing projects out but still nobody recognizes you but it is also safe to say that if you are passionate about what you do, you will not need validation from anyone for you to keep on moving.

In Kenya we have amazing artists who are doing incredible jobs and are consistent enough but we do not give them the recognition they deserve.

Among them we have Jovial who was introduced to the industry by the amazing Otile Brown, whom they have great chemistry with and she has managed to release hits after hits and some people cry for her and say she is not appreciated enough.

We also have David Wonder who came into the industry with a collaboration with Bahati and he stayed afloat for quite some time but lately we no longer hear about him.

The list is quite long but just to mention a few, we also have Weezdom, Hopekid, Wakadinali and Peter Blessing. It can be frustrating but we definitely have to get to the root course of this. Is it the management, their style, or what are they not doing right? What do you think is the issue and what are the solutions?