Kamene Goro’s experience on stressing out in her own house, narrating how she runs up and down in her living space having neighbors think she is a night runner, triggered guest host 2Mbili’s memories of life in a bedsitter.

 “Huwezi kimbia kwa bedsitter!” he said, explaining how small the space in a bedsitter is. “standing kwa bedsitter ni kukimbia already” the guest host continued, laughing to the story.

Sharing the chronicles of living in one, he described that when drawing the curtain in a bedsitter, it’s a never ending exercise because of how long they are.


Such experiences have been shared on social media and funny memes have been created to back claims on how small bedsitter spaces are.

‘Ukiishi kwa bedsitter, Unapika Githeri, unategwa na charger, inaanguka kwa choo!’ Happens to be the most viral sound especially on TikTok, bantering how mini a bedsitter's space is.

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