ringtone after he was discharged from KNH after being assaulted by alai
courtesy ringtone after he was discharged from KNH after being assaulted by alai

There was drama on Sunday at Size 8's Gospel anthem album launch event when her hubby, DJ Mo fought Ringtone Apoko.

The event took place at Panari Hotel.

At certain point the invited men of God were supposed to step to the stage for the dedication of the album.

Drama ensued when Ringtone walked himself to the stage with Size 8 choosing not to recognize him as 'a minister of the word'

Size 8 said it was only pastors who were allowed to be on the stage and that did not augur well with Ringtone and he became agitated and became rowdy.

His first reaction was to walk out to speak to awaiting press where he expressed his disappointment with Size 8,

"The pastors were called on stage to go dedicate the song to God. And I went to the pulpit because I also have my own pulpit as a minister, pastors don't have a higher rank than an artist like me," ranted Ringtone.

"I went to the stage and Size 8 chased me away. We also have an anointing to dedicate her album. I want to tell Size 8, I have an anointing that has sustained me this long. It is not vaseline or kerosene, what I have had for all those years is the anointing of God."

Ringtone further added, "I wanted to give her Ksh 200,000, this launch is not like the other artiste launches it is a big a deal. Size 8 has not shown me the respect I deserve, DJ Mo did not chase me out. I'm a servant of God, I'm not someone you can throw out of the stage. God's finger is on me, I'm an anointed. Those pastors don't even help us get to where we should be, yet they are elevated above everyone else."

That was when angry DJ Mo interrupted him and stopped him from speaking to the media, the two exchanged a few blows before their colleagues intervened and separated them.

Watch the video below;