On The Morning Kiss, Kamene touched on presidential elections ahead of the August polls stating that the race is heating up and different presidential candidates have ambitious manifestos to help steer the country to greater heights.

Professor George Wajakoya wasn’t left out.

According to the professor, his baseline manifesto is to legalize marijuana, farm the product just as other countries like Rwanda, then sell to earn profit that will later help to clear off Kenya’s debt.


According to Citizens, professor George is open minded and has ‘new age’ solutions to help clear the outstanding loans which happens to be a huge concern given the amount of money and the limited time we have to pay as a country.

However controversial the manifesto might be, the country can invest on the product, industrialize it then export to make huge quick money to clear the debt which according to Kamene is a ticking time bomb. Nonetheless, the presenter didn’t advocate for legalization of marijuana.  

Other plans from the professor are; suspending the Kenyan constitution for 6 months and normal working days will run from Monday to Thursday.


What do you think of professor George Wajakoya’s ideas on running Kenya?