image: Courtesy Eric-Omondi-and-Jacque-Maribe

Self proclaimed President of comedy Africa, Eric Omondi is set to open another ugly can of worms after openly denying having a child.

Eric was speaking to Wasafi media where he said he neither has a wife nor a child! Hapa katanuka.

"I tried to get a wife from my show 'Wife Material' but I failed. I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi," he said. 

Eric and Maribe
image: source Eric and Maribe

What I believe is from the recent confession, Eric might land himself in trouble with former lover, Jacque Maribe who blasted him last year on social media for not supporting their son, Zahari.

Late last year, Eric demanded for a DNA test to ascertain he was the dad to Zahari after the Ex Citizen TV news anchor exposed him for being an irresponsible father.

The feud would turn ugly with Maribe's sister also calling out Eric and it took Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu's intervention and helped the couple settled their differences.

Omondi then shared a statement that read;

"We have met today courtesy of Kabus Simon. We have agreed that emotions were high, people were angry and we went overboard. We will solve our issues amicably and privately. Most importantly, we apologise for our very inappropriate, immature and irresponsible outbursts."

Maribe is yet to respond to Eric's declaration and I can bet you it won't be rosy.

Check the video below: