Eric and Maribe
image: source Eric and Maribe

Ex Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe says she wants to be left alone. This comes after she exposed Eric Omondi for being an irresponsible father to their son.

Omondi then shared a post saying that he had told Maribe to get a DNA so as he is sure that the child is his.

Later, the two were brought together by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu, who intervened and held peace talks where the couple settled their differences.

Omondi then shared a statement that read

"We have met today courtesy of Kabus Simon. We have agreed that emotions were high, people were angry and we went overboard. We will solve our issues amicably and privately. Most importantly, we apologise for our very inappropriate, immature and irresponsible outbursts."

The caption was accompanied by a video showing the two wearing matching colours.

Later Jacque took to social media to ask people to just let her be and leave her alone.

"This is the last statement I'll make about this never-ending story. I want to be left alone. We overreacted. We might have been overwhelmed. Each of us will own our truths. There's a child involved so let's respect him. I can't do this anymore. Tuwache tu."