Natalie Tewa
Natalie Tewa
Image: Instagram

Popular YouTuber Natalie Tewa says she has never dated any person social media has linked her to.

The travel vlogger has been subject to various rumors' since publicising her relationship with Ugandan ex-boyfriend Rnaze Mukiibi.

Natalie was then alleged to be dating Mombasa Governor  Hassan Joho.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100.coke's Elizabeth Ngigi, on Friday, she said people have always assumed she is dating men she is spotted with.

"People have always lied that I am dating this and this person but to say the truth, I have not dated any of those people you have linked me to," she said.

Natalie said with all the allegations, nobody has ever presented evidence of them getting cosy or displaying affection.

"Even by having a business meeting with someone, it turns out that Natalie is on a date. Guys need to relax coz there is only one person," she said.

"It's so crazy, you know. Coz (sic), if you are sitting with a guy and probably is a cousin, a friend or even you are in a business meeting, why should you judge them?  Yet you have no evidence of them maybe getting physical or something like signs showing affection, why should you say they are dating?" she posed.

Natalie said that she has nothing to clarify or defend herself.

"If people want to think what they want, there is no problem. I will never go online to try and defend them," she said.