Kamene Goro says in her numerous travels, she has noticed that gone are the days where ladies would settle for a man slightly older than them.

She says she has been noticing women dating men who are at least 10 to 12 years older than them and couldn't help but wonder why.

"Take a look at any day to day relationship today. A babe in her 20s probably wants to date a guy who's probably in his late 30s. My age at the age of 29 I'm not playing with an age gap below 9 years, 'cause I don't know what I'm going to be talking to my age mate about," she said.

She added, but the age gap has become slightly larger as the years have gone by. Our folks walikuwa wanacheza na three to four years at most six years. Babe what is it with someone who's significantly older than you that appeals to you? 

One caller said she has always been comfortable dating men who are significantly older than her.

Kwani what's wrong with dating someone who's older than you? Asked the Kiss FM listener.

I am looking for someone who's 6 years older than me. I like dating someone who's older than me because age mate tutakuwa na utoto sisi wote. 

Guys do you share Kamene's sentiments that our ladies want to date and probably settle with men who are significantly older than them? Ladies what is it that you fancy from older men? Share your thoughts with us.