‘What goes around comes around’ would be the perfect saying to accompany Simon Leviev’s incident as the tables turned on the ‘tinder swindler’.

According to TMZ, Simon was hit up last Thursday by a verified female on Instagram where she claimed she'd help Simon and the girlfriend, Kate Konlin, get verified on the app through her boyfriend who allegedly worked at Meta, Mark Zuckerberg's tech company that owns Instagram.

The alleged swindlers had the perfect scam to pull on Simon since upon face-timing the boyfriend, he appeared to be in a busy Meta office with employees walking around and behind him.


The fake “Meta worker” said the only way he could give him the blue check on his profile, as well as delete the fake accounts under his name, would be if Simon would offer up a big chunk of money, approximately $6,664.

The payments were sent via PayPal through 2 separate transactions, one for him and one for his girl.

Shortly after, Simon's manager found the deal suspicious and reached out to an actual team member at Meta, who told them they don't charge for verifications and before anyone could call out the swindlers, they had completely scrubbed themselves from the Internet, including removal of their IG accounts.


They had no option but to let the swindlers walk away with the cash.

Eventually, through legit means, Simon did get verified on Instagram Tuesday afternoon after his manager reached out to Meta to get it done.

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