TikTok influencer Kevin Kinuthia alias Official Kinuthia distanced himself from claims that he scammed a man over 300K sent to him as fare. 

Kinuthia was speaking to Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni on Wednesday afternoon.

Hio story ya kukula fare ni ya uongo…I received a call from my sister nikiwa salon ananiuliza mbona nakula fare pekee yangu…I  was shocked”, he explained, adding that the allegations were so traumatizing forcing him to postpone his plans and head home just to lay low.


The popular TikToker revealed that he hails from a family of five and being the last born, he spoke about how he got his mummy’s special love despite having two older sisters.

Kinuthia, whose skits involves cross dressing, said that he was affected in school once he lost his dad when he was in class three but included that his mum stepped up as both the father and the mum.

 “Nilikuwa naskia vibaya wasee wakisema vile their dads wamewafanyia vitu but wewe ukikumbuka what happened unaskia vibaya.”


Kinuthia, neither confirmed nor denied being part of the queer community saying that people should hold on as he teased an up-coming video to answer all questions regarding his sexuality.

I have no comment about my sexuality but sitaki watu wajijazie… video inakam soon so msijali.” He said after revealing that the most asked question in his DMs is whether he is a man or a woman.

The TikTok content creator said that the family supports him despite facing a lot of criticism about the way he dresses especially on social media, “My mum is my number one supporter…she buys me clothes akiona kuna enye inaeza nitoa poa

Being a content creator and influencer on TikTok, Kinuthia said that he has first differed school in pursuit for  better media presence adding that he gets multiple deals from huge organizations.