Following his success in acquiring Jalang’o’s old job, Obinna has revealed that he has so far received over 20K as a congratulatory gift from a friend who lives abroad, Atlanta.

The argument rose when Kamene ought to say that she deserves a share from the gift, roughly 5K since she was the reason as to why Obinna secured the job.

Obinna however, wasn’t in agreement since according to him, he earned the job out of his own merit over his renowned personality in the radio industry.

“…Ohh! …you even decided how much I should send you for the money I have been sent…let me understand this… someone has sent me money as a gift but I have to share with you…please explain and if you can’t give me a good reason, go tell the boss you don’t want me now!”

Asking for a lower amount of 1500 shillings, Kamene was in shock to find out that Obinna has already spent the money in sorting out his outstanding bills.

Check out the conversation below;

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