They say behind every successful man there's a strong woman, but as a man between a money maker and a home maker, which kind of a woman would you choose?

That was the question on The Morning Kiss today with Kamene citing a few women in history who are credited for building successful men.

She believes that every man 'needs a visionary money maker woman behind you.'

Obinna took the chance to bash the men whose job is to prey on women for their money. He went on to promise his future wifey that she'll never spend a dime on bills.

"What happened to the men who go to the war front? Men want to be kept out here stop it! As a man you should take care of the woman and the house. To the woman I'll marry you'll never pay any bill in the house as long as I'm alive. Unless you want me to move into your house I'll come." Obinna said.

A number of callers said they would settle for a money maker and would sort the hame making bit themselves.

Dennis said; I want a Money maker.

Nataka dame ananipikia ugali sana," said another caller.

Wilberforce : Money maker definitely. Nataka mtu ananipa courage ya kwenda nje kusaka dooh.

Engineer Raphael had a very interesting point; I want a a money maker mwenye mnakosana anaenda analala kwa biashara anarudi anaoga then anarudi kutengeneza Pesa.

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