cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

As we all know the court passed a law that supported the notion being a housewife is a full paying job.

It was decreed that a housewife is entitled to payment if she stays at home as a wife.

On their show, Chito and Cyd got into this law sharing their sentiments.

Cyd said in as much as she understands the whole role behind being a housewife she was a little sceptical when she saw the law had been passed.

Chito however, outrightly didn't agree with it saying, "for me, it isn't about why they're being paid blah blah...we're opening a pandora's box that we won't be able to close."

Chito backed his sentiments by adding that, if a couple decides to get a divorce then the housewife stops earning a living as the husband was providing the salary.

"This man can use this in court to prove that, she can't take care of the children because she has no means to provide....she has no job... so the man gets the children" Chito added seemingly upset.

This new law has the likeness of being a pandora's box, like Chito calls it as it has no limitations especially if the lady doesn't even open a kiosk and let someone else run it while she works on her homestead.