On The Morning Kiss, Arrow Bwoy dissected their newly unveiled foundation with his wife, Nadia Mukami.

The Lola and Safari foundation is named over a miscarriage we earlier had…tulikuwa tumedecide kama ni dame angeiitwa Lola na kama ni boy angeitwa Safari,” the singer explained after netizens congratulated the couple after they launched the foundation at a private gender reveal party.

This Foundation will help young girls who go through pregnancy difficulties kama miscarriages na slogan ni ‘It can wait’…yaani si lazima that time, being pregnant is soo expensive na it can always wait kama huko ready,” added the singer after Kamene revealed that she is always under pressure from friends and family on bearing a child with the lover.

Explaining their pregnancy journey, he said that Nadia is mostly affected by her mood swings and it terrifies him since it's his first time.

"There times we don’t talk and block each other, but sometimes she is all over bubbly on me, it depends on her mood."

Asked about the most expensive service he has paid for during Nadia’s pregnancy period, he replied saying, “The most expensive thing with Nadia’s pregnancy is the clinic visits na kumueka in general,”, adding that, “, push gift yake ni surprise na I’ll do anything for my baby.”

According to the singer, "Kuwa jelous, kuna kapart kwa mapenzi mtu akienda sana unakuwa jelous,…. Mimi hukuwa jelous sometimes but si ile extreme, akiitwa date tutaenda hio date sisi sote." when Obinna jokingly said he would take Nadia out for a date.

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