Diamond and Zuchu
Photo: Ralingo Diamond and Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Zuchu and her boss Diamond have fueled rumours that the two are an item.

This is after an alleged bedroom video went viral on social media.

A short clip showing Zuchu speaking with a man believed to be Diamond raised eyebrows among their fans.

Well, in an exclusive interview with Wasafi FM, Diamond and Zuchu insisted that they are friends who work together.

"As WCB label, we all live in love and as her boss it is my right to show her love since she has not disappointed with Wasafi records," Diamond said.

"The society will always have something to say in regards to that. The more they keep talking, business-wise, it is very okay.

Asked if she is expecting Diamond's child, Zuchu denied the claims.

"No, I am not pregnant. I am used to those kinds of rumours and I take it easy"

Diamond said as a record label, they have not received any news about her being expectant.

"We need to know so that we can plan her work, her album and so on."

"There is nothing wrong with her saving me as her profile photo. That shows that there is so much impact that I have put in her music career. We respect each other."

On her beef with Mama Dangote, Zuchu said;

"I think people have created that beef. People are just creating things. She is following me and I have followed her. We have never had beef and we respect each other so much."

Would Diamond date Zuchu? He said he can not go against the plans of God.

"It will depend on our traditions and customs. What do they say about that?  Inshallah. If it is the plans of God, who am I to say no. We video call at night."