Mulamwah vs Obinna
Mulamwah vs Obinna

Oga Obinna says he has his doubts on whether baby Keilah is Mulamwah's baby based on the baby's adorable looks.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Obinna who's a close friend of the comedian said; "But that child that they got with Mulamwah, I don't think that's Mulamwah's child, that child is too fine that child is too beautiful!"

Adding, "Mulamwah does not look like that let's just be honest. Carol really did a favor for Mulamwah, because if it wasn't for carol..

Obinna who was in the mood for some shade went further to advise ladies and gentlemen to always make sure they look for beautiful and handsome  lovers for the sake of their future kids. 

"..and this is why I say from today, ladies when you are looking to born pikin (have a child) look for a man who at least.. and also men look for a woman who does not look the way she wants or a woman who does not look like you for the sake of your children. "

While discussing about Mulamwah's ex, Obinna said he finds her beautiful but would never find himself dating her.

Obinna said one of the things that would disqualify Sonnie as his potential lover is the fact that she has a baby yet he doesn't want anymore children.

"She's coming with ready made and then the ready made is half luhya, half Carol Sonnie, so the way my bank account is set up the money I get now I'm not fit to feed another person." He said.

Obinna further added that Sonnie is not his type saying that he prefers voluptuous women, someone who is already 'filling' the world.

"The body size of Carol Sonnie is the type that she can cheat on you and you and you have no idea. You think you are still together."

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