obinna unque t-shirts
obinna unque t-shirts

Our very own Oga Obinna surprised his fans with unique branded T-shirts promoting The Morning Kiss show as well as words of praise for his partner Kamene.

But did you know Obinna had already made the t-shirts way before he got the gig?

Speaking to, Obinna said,

"I prepared my branded T-shirts a month before. When I was just called for the interview, I was like, this one, I have taken it. I was like let me print something. I was just waiting for a phone call." 

He added that he always looked forward to grabbing the opportunity and sees the job as a big deal for him. What was troubling him was what he would do with the t-shirts if he failed to land the job.

"I was like if they don't call me, where will I hide my face, where will I wear them, I said, I will just sleep with them."

The comedian said he came up with the unique concept and promised to surprise his fans with more in future.

Speaking about his style, he said he is not rich enough to pay people to style him and hence why he styles himself

"My style is comfortable. If it makes you happy, just do it. I don't make that huge amount of money to pay people to style me."

Below is a slide showcasing some of the unique t-shirts Obinna wore during his first week at Kiss FM.