Kamene and Obinna
Kamene and Obinna

Today on The Morning Kiss, Obinna left Kamene Goro shocked when he narrated how one of his rastafarian neighbor doesn't shower regualrly and uses Avocado regularly to condition his unkempt dreadlocks.

Obinna says the man has some wadudu on his head and believes the avocado acts as food for the wadudu.

This sparked a very heated but funny conversation on the acceptable number of times men should shower per day or even a week.

Kamene believes men should shower at the start of the day and the end of the day while Obinna says once a week is OK.

"Babes, mandem ana hizi tabia? Manze naweza kurusha kwa washing machine fast quick in a hurry," Kamene said before opening the phone line where emotional damage was awaiting. 

Below are some of the reactions she got from Kiss listeners;

Mjukuu: A gentleman should shower twice a week!

Second caller:  Unaona wale wanaume wana long'i ya black? Hiyo unaosha once a week

Caller 3: I shower at least once everyday

Baba zuri: Baba zuri hapa kuoga mara mbili kwa wiki ni show off, unaosha nini eti una inner wear mbili za nini? Nina boxers mbili na hiyo ya pili ni vile siwezi taka kuaibisha the living dead

caller 4: For a man it should be either twice or thrice a week because it depends on the situation

Caller 5: Kwani passport ilikuja ya akina nani? Unaoga mara moja kwa wiki ingine unaosha tu uso.

From the look of things it seems like the message on hygiene at this year's past men's conference was well received!