Kenyans are taking this thing called fandom to a whole new level.

They are willing to go an extra mile just to rove how much they love the people they adore and view as their role models.

A fan left actor, producer and script writer Abel Mutua, speechless when she tattooed his popular 'Mkurugenzi' name on her arm!

Upon seeing the tattoo, Mutua told his haters that there's no way their hate was going to win amidst all the love he is receiving from his loyal fans.

"Mi Saa hii Hakuna kitu mnaniambia. Kikosi yangu nayo haijui jokes. Kama haunipendi imagine nipende tu. Hate yako katikati ya Hii love yote is just a waste of emotions. Nipende gathee!!!!" Mutua wrote.

Abel Mutua is not the first celebrity to have their name tattooed by their fans, with King Kaka, Tanasha Donna and Willy Paul among other celebrities enjoying the special privilege.

How far would you go just to prove your love to a celebrity?