Following a new investigative documentary from BBC exposing the Kenyan road sector, Kenyans have come out to complain about the negligence surrounding officials working in corrupt government institutions.

On Tuesday morning, radio host Oga Obinna dissected the documentary, outlining how BBC correspondents acquired a driving license illegally and managed to drive an  unroadworthy vehicle thanks to corrupt NTSA officials.

From a story published by my colleague, Brian Ndung’u, corruption within the country has majorly contributed to the country’s being ranked 27th most unhappiest country in the morning.

Various Kiss callers narrated their awful service experiences especially from government offices with some saying that unless you have money to bribe the workers, your services are destined to delay.

This is a true story, I wanted to get my smart driver’s license and I was instructed that I have to visit Machakos center…I had booked online for an 11am appointment so I arrived at the facility at 11:02am…upon passing a very long queue… I was served by a very arrogant teller who explained to me that online bookings don’t work and that I have to go back to the queue or either come back the following morning to avoid inconveniences,” narrated Oga Obinna.

A lot of Kiss FM listeners have come out to narrate how embarrassing the corruption narrative is on both the country and how other people view Kenya as a corrupt country and they urged Kenyans to take the corruption matter into their own hands and help tackle the issue.


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