This morning, Kamene and Obinna dissected a report where Kenya was ranked 27th most unhappiest country in the world.

In East Africa, Uganda ranked as the happiest country while Rwanda was ranked the most unhappiest country in East Africa.

According to, the index looks at different variables including variables GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and corruption.

Although Kenya has a higher degree of GDP per capita, its ranking was weighed down by high corruption index 

"it really is like living in a warzone here in Kenya. said Kamene. "like now for me it is just like the systems are what makes it hard so hard to live in this country. How expensive it is what makes it so stressful living in this country.

By the time you make ends meet you've done so many things you are barely even human."

Obinna says he made a decision to always be happy no matter how broke or rich he is.

When iI sat down and re-evaluated that I will be happy whenever I want to whether I have money or not. the same way with Monday nowadays I am happy every single day of the week. so when you tie down your happiness to money you won't be happy.

A number of callers listed corruption, joblessness and tribalism as part of the reasons why we rank so low and why Kenyans remain unhappy.

Do you agree with them or do you have a theory behind Kenyans being unhappy?