From an Instagram post she posted on Tuesday night, singer Merceline Atieno AKA Mercy Atis hinted to Kenyans on going back to stripping after her business was forced to shut down thanks to corrupt police officers and jealous neighboring bar owners.

Indicating that she only had two options in her life, either fall into depression and commit suicide or stay alive, fight and do anything possible to raise her kids, Mercy, known for her brave and outstanding character, chose her children.

Adding that her motherland bar business can no longer sustain her, Mercy stated that, “The only other thing I know apart from business is webcam modeling. As a public figure, I'm disgusted to go back to my old ways of stripping online which I stopped three years ago but I don't have any other option.”


The singer clearly regrets her decision but stated that the government has pushed the artist to her worst leaving her with no other option.

I'm apologizing in advance because the website I have chosen to work with has so many Kenyans who will DEFINITELY expose me so I'm exposing myself before they do.”

She concluded saying, “for those who looked up to me as their role model, I am really sorry. I do understand that I have a lot to loose including my reputation, self respect, dignity and its possible that my kids will be mocked in school their whole lives but please, nobody is feeding me, so let me do what I have to do to feed myself and my kids.”

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