Obinna and Kamene
Obinna and Kamene

Once again, Kamene and Obinna revisited the topic on the importance of ladies investing in their brains instead of their beauty.

Kamene narrated how her male friend wants to terminate his relationship with his current girlfriend despite her pretty looks.

Urging ladies to invest in their minds irrespective of their beauty Kamene said, “Tulikuwa tunaongea na my friends of how rich and invested Elon Musk is but my friends pengting haongei…alikuwa anangoja tuongee story za Justin beiber  ndo arukishe mdomo…ama story ya flavor za shisha akisema lets take shots babe.


Various callers backed up the claims stating that “Urembo haileti peace kwa nyumba…akili ni mali…” in regards to a couple of complaints from ‘Boy child’ stating that young and pretty ‘babes’ aren’t informed in relevant current affairs.

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