Kamene who turned 30 today, has expressed her desire to one day own a night club.

Kamene was speaking exclusively to Kiss100.co.ke when she outlined her future plans.

"Am hoping to invest and grow my business, you know This Is Africa, to expand it regionally, I want to own a club, hotel and probably own a new car.” 

On Thursday morning, the Kiss breakfast show co-host was surprised by her friends and colleagues who executed the exciting plan behind her back in collaboration with dancer, Moya David.


I was called to the office and the PC (programme controller) wanted to talk about a client, I get back to the studio and found petals on the floor and there are flowers everywhere. There is cake, and my best friend was there, they also had recordings from my friends, Jalas even my mother…let me tell you I cried, I don’t think I have ever cried again.” Explained Kamene overwhelmed with joyful emotions.

Sticking to her Mantle, Kamene revealed that she would be far gone in her career if she hadn’t wasted 3 years in romance and dating.

I think I could have gotten where I am faster if I hadn’t wasted 3 years of my life in romance and nonsense like that.”

Kamene revealed that in her 30 years she has no regrets rather a whole lot of life lessons.


Check out the video below:

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