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What is it that is a must have for every man before he turns 30? Well that was the question we threw at our online audience in anticipation of some interesting answers.

Growing up we all had these dreams of making it big in life by going to good schools, landing amazing jobs, investing before eventually settling down at a certain age. But life comes at you fast and you realize God works in mysterious ways.

From the reaction that we got, many men still believe a man must have a wife and be financially stable at the age of 30 and I almost rolled my eyes because kwa ground vitu ni different.

Check out the feedback we got below;

Saint; 30 years.sane mind.soft life

Spill Allano: Kakitu pesa I mean

Jasper: Pesa tu hatakama ni 2 bob

Nicks Addict:a wife

Amazing woman:Sound mind

Jael Okoth: Bibi si kuseketee kila mahali

Wahu Shirley: Akili mtu wangu

Kim the don:A good sense of humour

Mitchell Mwennie: Happy and healthy family

The best answer came from one Eminza Maureen who reminded Kenyans exactly how the world works.

She wrote; The race is against poverty not a competition against each other, what you wish for you might get at 40 or 20 just have peace of mind and the rest will be a walk in the park.

Guys what are your views on all this?