Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Social media influencer, Huddah Monroe, has revealed the reason why she doesn’t post her man on her social pages.

Revealing that all she likes in a man is honesty and respect, Huddah wrote, “Too many out here with no taste. All my ex friends used to eye and hunt my men because they know I pick the best cassavas in the market. None of my ex man is a failure in bed. I pick the best fruit

The business woman added on her statement, saying that she will post her current boyfriend soon, "That is why I don't post my man. Coz y'all h*es can't control your p**sy. But I'll post one soonest…”


In her statement, she concluded by saying her man is currently in Europe hence why she hasn’t had any form of sexual intimacy since.

I need to take it all in! Maybe a d*ck would do, lol. But here the c*ck starvation is upon me cause nobody has been my type!!! And my manz in Europe snowballing."

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