We woke up to a disturbing or rather embarrassing video of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock on live TV during the Oscar's awards ceremony.

Chris made a bad 'GI Jane' joke directed at Will's wife Jada Pinkett and the former didn't take it lightly and wanted him to put some respek to her name!

The joke referenced to Jada's current bald hairstyle which she is rocking due to alopecia.

Alopecia is the medical term for bald where the person ailing from the condition loses all hair on the scalp.

Discussing the incident, Kamene found Will Smith's actions quite impressive saying men should borrow a leaf from him when it comes to defending your woman.

"I'm like yes don't let anyone disrespect your woman like that!" Kamene said.

Obinna on the other hand said he was not going to risk losing a tooth over fighting for his woman.

"(What you do is) behave like you didn't hear nothing because the moment you start talking about apology she'll ask 'why you did you allow that?' and then you'll start fighting and you'll be toothless for a mere fight." Obinna said.

Obinna added that even if he dated Cardi B or Nicki Minaj he would never get involved in a fight over anyone.