PrittyVishy, Stevo simple boy’s girlfriend, yesterday posted an emotional video after her boyfriend attached an Instagram reel with his female dancer twerking on him.

 The video, accompanied with the caption, “Mke Sio Matako wala Sura ni Tabiya. Au Sio?”, gained over 7000 likes on the platform as the girlfriend commented, “I just wish I knew...gaiiiiiii… Heeeeeh kumbe ndo maana ujani follow back!

From the video PrittyVishyy posted, she stated, “Stevo why are you doing this to me…I did so many things for you and sacrificed a lot for you…does the dancer deserve you?”


The content creator remorsefully added, “What does she have that I don’t have?”

The statement she added shocked many of her followers as she said, “Look at the way she is skinny …she is soo skinny!”, to prove how perfectly built her body is compared to that of the dancer.

Check out the video below:

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