In a recent attempt to make their organization better, the music copyright society of Kenya (MCSK) appointed former C.E.O of the Kenya film classification board (KFCB), Ezekiel Mutua, to join the board.

Different artists have shared their own views on the new boss of MCSK with Eric Omondi saying that the country takes two steps forward but has now gone back four steps.

On the morning Kiss, Obinna stated that a lot of artists were paid KSH 2,000 in royalties by MCSK.

The Kiss FM host said, “Where we are now, as artists all we have is hope…and hope can’t be a strategy…the last time they sent money we all received a flat rate of 2000…hio ilibidi tuchome nyama!”

Kamene added to the statement, “…is our country really thinking widely about the creative industry in Kenya?"

Dr Ezekiel Mutua promised to uplift the country’s music sector to greater heights but it seems that Kenyan artists are not buying his promises.


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