Obinna came out with hot knowledge on today's morning show, the knowledge on this man might finish us.

People these days want to have their cake and eat it too. I mean score the girl you've been chasing but still play games out there.

It's like everyone cheats these days, even if you don't no one will believe you because most have been either burnt by this fire, seen their friends burnt or heard stories.


Especially in our lovely capital city, I mean there's a whole song dedicated to Nairobi and its famous relationships character development classes.

"Yule anakupea pia ananipea, akikuletea ananiletea.... sote tunashare, ogopa sana. Nairobi." Do these lyrics sound familiar? 

People want to cheat but without getting caught because in a twisted way they do truly love their significant other and don't want to hurt or lose them.


Obinna did take us to school today on how not to get caught when cheating.

"I'm talking to the boy child.... how not to be caught when cheating, very simple. The only thing you need to do so that you can't be caught when you're cheating.... don't cheat." Obinna said.

Mic drop!

Because if you don't want to face the consequences then why would you do the deed? 

Loyalty ain't that hard. 

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