Celebrities have come out to speak against sexual assault from their fans both on stage and off stage.

Compiled is a list of celebrities who've been sexually harassed by their fans on and off camera.

Ruger, a Nigerian based artist who's currently dominating the afrobeat industry with hit songs such as Dior, Snapchat and Bounce, was recently forced to cut short his show in his home country after a female fan aggressively grabbed the singer's crouch.

The Dior hitmaker was performing and as he approached his hyped crowd a female fan, who was at the front row took that as an opportunity to grab his bulge.


Jovial, famously known for her song 'Such kinda love' featuring Otile Brown, also condemed a fan, who disrespectifully grabbed the singers Butt after her performance, on her way to take her seat.

She warned stating, "Labda nikutaarifu tu kama wewe pia una hiyo tabia!...im not going to wait for security to take action!...Ntakuvuruga!"

Next on the list is Vera Sidika, over the weekend, a male fan was spotted forcing a Kiss on the married celebrity who looked a bit uncomfortable at first but washed the fraun with her beautiful smile.


Neither Vera nor the husband, Brown Mauzo, have spoken about the matter so far.