musa keys
musa keys

On Tuesday, South African Amapiano producer, Musa Keys gave his 2cents on Will Smith's scandal at the Oscar's a fortnight ago.

Speaking to Chito and Cyd, Musa said that Will Smith's actions were a result of the kind of pressure society puts on celebrities expecting them to be perfect and always be politically correct.

"Being in the limelight causes a lot of a person you are forced to hold in so many emotions," Musa said.


When the world throws balls and rockets and everything at you, you have to hold it in. (You) always have to give those political statements always give those social media curated statements so that everybody says 'cool'"

Supporting Will's actions, Musa further added that to Smith, it was a joke in front of the world but his wife is the same person who he'll deal with when they go back home.

Watch a snippet of the interview below;