Kamene and Obinna matching outfits
Kamene and Obinna matching outfits

Obinna is already loving his on air chemistry with Kamene and wants to take that a notch higher by moving in with his co-host.

The comedian pictured a scenario where the two would live in the same hood and to save on fuel and rent, the best solution would be moving in together.

"You'll pick me or I pick you? We'll use one car Kamene think about it. Think about the romance," Pitched Obinna.

Adding, In fact if we live in the same neighborhood there is no need for two houses one can do the trick, your room, my room Kamene think about it one common area.

Kamene who was taken by surprise believes the April fools day prank the two pulled is beginning to take a toll on Obinna who now wants a real relationship to brew.

"Are you trying to move in with me? Posed Kamene. Do you want to live with me? Obinna you are sounding like you want to be with me now.

In a bid to win her over, Obinna went ahead and vowed to never touch Kamene's washing machine and instead use his own hands.

He reminded his soon to be 'house mate' that he's a good cook, that the fact that he already has kids and Kamene doesn't like kids then they are good to go.

But will Obinna be doing dishes? "Si we'll buy the ready made ones zile za throw away zile za party, kishash kishash kwa bash." Said Obinna and probably shutting his chances.