Oga Obinna's signature pose
Oga Obinna's signature pose

The story of a 25-year-old boy child dating an 85-year-old grandma has been the talk of town for a while.

The couple have a whole 60-year gap something Obinna doesn't see a problem with. In fact, he would be open to dating an older woman without hesitation.

"About the age thing personally jibambe. If you want to get someone older or someone younger provided they are of legal age jinice. But for gentlemen I would still recommend go for an older lady." Said Obinna.

He says he won't be looking for much as long as she's 'relaxed peaceful and have been through it all' then she'd be a catch for him.

Kamene on the other side says for women, age and height are two factors that they can't overlook.

She says most women would start labeling you as 'childish' after every mess up you find yourself in.

"For men, one she must be younger than you period, and you are looking at someone who's at least 4 years younger than you." Kamene said and wasn't going to be convinced otherwise.

As a man, what do you think should be the age limit when it comes to dating?

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