malik Govi
Image/ Buzz Centra; malik Govi

Former Machachari actor, Malik Lemmy alias Govi doesn't mind dating an older woman or rather a 'mumama'

This, he revealed during an interactive QnA session with his fans where he revealed that he has always been with women older than him.

One fan asked; ‘Can you date a lady who is older than you?’

He anaswered, ‘uuh yeah mi bora umenitambua kwanza in my life ive been used to older since back then’

When asked about his ideal woman Malik said, "the woman I see in my dreams Hint..she a 20 novert 10 na yeye husmile fiti alafu anajua kuvaa"

The young actor was bombarded with questions from fan girls who are craving for a piece of him but he kept his answers professional at times hinting that he is seeing someone special.

One fan begged,‘Can you date me sir?’ before Malik gave a sleek answer saying, ‘sai ngori..nakimbizana uku nje’ before adding a laughing emoji.

Malik said he has tried weed and alcohol, both once but ended up hating them all.

When asked what he has been up to Malik revealed that he is currently working on a huge project saying, ‘Nakuambia sumn you’ve never seen in Kenya before ‘

Keep it and we will keep you posted on Malik's next big moves.