As promised, The Morning Kiss presenters hosted female artist Sosuun who is currently promoting her music in collaboration with Vivian.

The singer had a chance to talk about her relationship with Kenrazy after what seemed like a nasty breakup back in November 2020 after a 10-year marriage.

Obinna took the leap and asked how close they are with Kenrazy and in response, the singer said, "We are together with Kenrazy."

However, the singer added that Kenrazy's family was against her way of life in regards to her dressing code and her actions since she was a married woman.

Sosuun said, "My family were stepping on me, then I got in a place where I felt depressed and  I realized that I don’t fit in that box even though we had a beautiful family." but indicated that they talked about it with Kenrazy and that things are now working out.

At the time of the breakup, Sosuun took to her social pages, writing "I have learnt that never underestimate someone who has hated you since the very first day they laid their eyes on you, because you have no idea how far they are willing to go just to make sure everyone else in the entire family hates you, you will never be enough to a malicious sister-in-law, especially if you are living happily with their brother they, will always have a problem with you..."


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