kamene solo
kamene solo

Today's babe segment was all about self preservation for women in relationships.

Kamene called upon the babes to always choose their own peace when it comes to dealing with their relationships than go snooping around for drama and chaos. Ignorance is bliss."

I have learnt there are some things by the way don't even ask, don't touch his phone, don't ask 'who is that you hugged.' Not only will it maintain your peace of mind, it gives you a level of class and dignity." Kamene said.

Kamene advised her fellow babes to maintain a particular level of decorum to ensure their class standards is maintained as well as their integrity and dignity.

In short, women shouldn't be always on the forefront looking for dramas and seeking answers to questions they really don't want answers to.

"Baby girl, ignorance is bliss what you don't know won't hurt you save yourself the heartache and keep moving." Added Kamene.

Check out the video below;