When it comes to online dating, many things can go wrong especially if the person you think you are 'dating' is catfishing.

According to Wikipedia, ctfishing is a deceptive activity where a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity on a social networking service.

The Morning Kiss hosts, Kamene and Obinna opened up on their online dating experiences with the two having similar stories of how they thought they were catfished.

According to Obinna, he once met a lady who left him confused given that her physical representations didn't represent what was presented to him in the DM.

"I always meet chics who are like, 'Obinna I always talk with you on Instagram' I'm like huh?" Said Obinna.

Adding, if you ever show a man your Instagram then he starts scrolling the pictures in front of you, my sister you don't look the same.

Kamene says after she got divorced, loneliness took her to Tinder and her first experience left her with a bad taste in her mouth.

She was vibing someone whom she thought was tall, light skinned and handsome only for her to meet an old man with a 'heavy Kikuyu accent'

"So I go and I sit and then there's this guy who's also sitting by himself he looks like a kifathe..he had the whole Mwai Kibaki hairstyle, those woolen sweaters amevaa khakis halafu amevaa those leather sandals amezivaa na socks."  Narrated Kamene.

She added that to free herself from those shackles, she had to fake a medical emergency and has never seen the 'mubaba' ever again.

Check out the video below;