Well I guess bro code does not mean much these days or is it the bro's that do not mean much to each other?

During the morning breakfast Kiss show, Oga Obinna could not stop gushing over how pretty Dj Kalonje's significant other really is.

Apparently he'd been mesmerized by her beauty when he saw her at a gig they'd attended over the weekend.


"Dj Kalonje is my boy but if I'm being honest his bae is fine. Akikaa vibaya naenda na dame yake." Obinna said during the show.

Amidst friendly banter with his co host, Kamene Goro, he admitted that even though he did not talk to her throughout the night she did catch his eyes more than several times throughout the night. 

"Kalonje I got you...I got us but nilikuwa naangalia audience she's everywhere... she was just in my face. I turn a little she's just there.' The breakfast show host added while giggling.