Kamene Goro and Moya David
Kamene Goro and Moya David

Sensational Tiktoker Moya David, best know for the cheer he brings about by serenading random strangers with his captivating moves turned an year older 

And his birthday came bearing almost as much cheer as he spreads.

The 34 year old posted a video of him where he received a cheque worth Ksh 200, 000 as a birthday gift from the Moifa Beauty house.


They literally said a thousand birthday wishes and delivered.

David said that the cheque was the best birthday gift he'd received on his big day

He went on to thank his friends and fans as well for making his birthday great. He captioned the video that featured four other ladies alongside him participating in his familiar dance moves.


"This was how my birthday went down, thanks to all my fans and friends who showed up, it was, it was massive."

In a different video, the amazed dancer added,

"This Was one of the Best Birthday surprise Gifts From @moifabeautyhouse 200K cheque. Thank you so much at Moifa beauty house And to all my fans & friends who came Through for my party."