Obinna and Kamene
Obinna and Kamene

The hot topic right now is about how rich or poor Kenyan celebrities are compared to their colleagues from other African countries.

Khaligraph and Otile Brown are the two artists who have come out to strongly defend their counterparts saying most Kenyan celebrities are doing much better contrary to what Kenyans think.

However, Kamene and Obinna say that Kenyan celebs's sole focus should be all about being real with themselves and Kenyans will still love them.

Kamene said, one guys let's just stop catching feelings, two whether you have money or not is a non issue. Celebs us guys like you 'cause you are celebs, the amount of money you have doesn't matter to us. We like you just because you are you.

Obinna went ahead and mentioned DJ Shiti, Stivo Simple Boy and Njugush as some of the celebs that Kenyans just love for their authenticity.

"Also you know for artists when people know you are suffering that is when they relate with you, someone like Okwonkwo people think he doesn't have money. That guy has schmoney!"

To wrap up the discussion Kamene reminded celebs that they don't have to; 'come and defend and substantiate your money or lack can you just do you and show us how you do you.'

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