Stivo simple boy 'Freshi barida' merchandise
Stivo simple boy 'Freshi barida' merchandise

Yes you read it right! Popular musician, Stivo Simple boy has launched a brand new line of merchandise, dubbed 'freshi barida'

The now popular 'Freshi Barida' phrase looks set to replace 'Au sio' and 'ndio manake' slogans which were also coined by the Kibera based budding artist.

Taking to his Instagram, the star said the brand new merchandise will come in high quality and normal quality hoodies, which he will be selling at Ksh 2,500 and Ksh 2,000 respectively while T-shirts will cost you just Ksh 1,000.

Anyone who wants to promote the 'Mihadarati' crooner will need to contact his sales manager via 0701210698.

This will be the second time he is venturing into the business after selling merchandise which bore his name, pictures of his face and others written his slogans Ausio and Ndio Manake.

Check out the merchandise below and let's purpose to support our artists and every young person trying to make ends meet via legitimate deals.