As we gracefully approach the weekend, an average typical Kenyan understands the anatomy of having fun throughout and Kamene, on today’s breakfast show, offered some advice to the ladies.

During the ‘Babes’ segment, the female host urged baby girls to maintain their queen status and not trade themselves to men in the name of having fun.

She said, “So the weekend is here and there is a whole lot of pressure… you want to look like you are balling but the pressure of life and reality are not really co-existing with what you can do which is OK and if you don’t mind don’t trade yourself this weekend for some fun times and become someone’s play thing.


Admitting she has a lot of male friends, who interact freely with her, Kamene added, “Once a man has access to money, he thinks he has access to everything and it’s unfair to think that since he has a lot of money he has access to you and unfortunately ladies have played into that narrative.”

Kamene insisted on self-worth such that even though ladies are hyped up for the fun this weekend, they shouldn’t trade themselves to men as the price to pay is too high.

Check out the video below on the above topic:

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