Grammy award winner, Megan Thee Stallion, is doing her first sit-down interview to talk about what happened during an unfortunate turn of events with Tory Lanez.

According to TMZ, the story so far sounds like an emotional narrative.

The rapper is going to get in the weeds about what she claims happened with Tory Lanez on CBS, a show hosted by Gayle King.


On Sunday, the media company aired a portion of Megan’s remarks, which shows her getting incredibly teary-eyed as she recounts the alleged incident blow-by-blow.

In her own words, Megan Thee Stallion says there were three of them in the car that night and that Tory Lanez and the other individual didn’t want to leave whatever party they were at but she did want to leave.

According to the aired portion, it seems like Megan got out of the vehicle and Tory fired a gun in her direction from the car, allegedly saying "Dance, b**ch."

It was at this point that she says she got super terrified and misstepped because she thought she'd get shot.


As of now, Tory has been charged in connection to her injuries and although he's pled not guilty and denied any wrongdoing, he hasn’t really said anything in regards to his side of the story in detail.

Tory isn’t expected to talk about the case and probably won't until their trial starts in September as he has been banned from talking about the case and from addressing Megan Thee Stallion directly.

Tory won’t also be able to speak as freely as Meagan until his day in court comes around since he has already gotten in trouble for this in recent weeks.

Check out the snippet below.

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