at a red carpet event
Hailey Beiber at a red carpet event
Image: Central Fine Times

Super model and actreess Hailey Bieber, (musical sensational Justin Beiber’s wife) in a recent video opened up about a scary medical emergency she suffered last month.

The super model revealed that she had suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital where doctors repaired a ‘hole’ in her heart.

According to TMZ, Hailey was rushed to the hospital after suffering stroke-like symptoms. Upon screening doctors found a small blood clot in her brain.

The clot had led to what she termed as a mini-stroke.


In the video, Hailey explains she felt a "weird sensation" in her right arm at home, her fingertips went numb and all over sudden, she couldn't even speak.

She was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance and there were certainly stroke symptoms, including drooping on the right side of her face.

The numbness and speech came back quickly, but doctors were obviously concerned.

Hailey had recently contracted COVID along with her husband.

The virus could be a contributing factor.

 She also added that she had just changed her birth control without consulting her doctor.

Hailey was diagnosed with something called PFO, which is a small opening in the heart.

The 25-year-old underwent a procedure where doctors inserted a small, button-like object through the groin which apparently did the trick.

Hailey says she's been taking blood thinners daily since the event to avoid any future issues.

She concluded by thanking the team adding that she is grateful her doctors were able to determine the cause and can now move on from the whole ordeal.

The relationship between Justin and Hailey was rumored to have re-ignited at around  2018 after an intense two-year break-up between the two that happened in the Bahamas.  

Justin went ahead and proposed to Hailey in July of the same year and the two wed in a New York City courthouse.

The Biebers' hosted a second wedding in September 2019, where Hailey wore three custom bridal looks.

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