Tanzanian superstar, Harmonize has been released from Kileleshwa police station, a source has told Kiss100.co.ke.

Harmonize was arrested for obtaining money under false pretences.

According to the source, the Bongo musician was forced to refund close to Sh 800,000 owed to club promoters from clubs he was expected to perform during his visit to Kenya.

Our source revealed, "The talks are ongoing and so far he had refunded two club promoters Ksh 300,000 and Ksh 450,000." 

Adding, "Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is also present at the talks because his club Volume had also paid him and he was to perform tonight in Mombasa."

The whole aim is to try to come up with an out of court settlement and to avoid taking the matter to court.

The below photo shows Harmonize surrounded by his entourage at Kileleshwa police station shortly after he was released.

after he was released from Kileleshwa police station
Harmonize is surrounded by his entourage shortly after he was released from Kileleshwa police station

Immediately the Kwangwaru hitmaker tasted freedom again, he and his team took to social media to announce that he will be flying to Mombasa. In fact, he said Mombasa people should expect him to perform 25 songs!

Mombasa...!!!!! Tonight SPECIAL LABOUR DAY PARTY volumeclub001 Can't wait 25 Songs FOR YOU MOMBASA ...!!!! 🐘 Posted Harmonize.

According to Jor Barsil, a director at the Captain's Lounge in Sabaki, Konde Boy was supposed to perform for one and a half hours but only did five minutes.

Earlier on, there was drama at the Kileleshwa police station after comedian Eric Omondi alleged that Harmonize punched him.

Eric says he was called and informed that the Bongo star had been arrested from an apartment in Kileleshwa where he was hiding in the master bedroom.

When he went to check on him at the police station that's when drama ensued with Harmonize punching the comic in the face leaving him with a cut on his lower lip.

According to Eric Omondi, Harmonize punched him in front of former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko and the Kileleshwa police station OCPD.

Check out the photo below;

punched in the face by Harmonize
Eric Omondi punched in the face by Harmonize
Image: courtesy

In a video seen by Kiss100.co.ke, Eric Omondi  who was addressing the media outside Kileleshwa police station, said that Harmonize took money from four clubs where he was supposed to perform and never honored the contract.

Omondi said, "He took money from four clubs including Sonko's club Volume and they now demand payment."

A source said Harmonize's passport had been siezed until the matter is resolved.

"The police have taken his passport because he is a flight risk. Harmonize may leave before he pays back the money he got for performance and did not honour it."

Omondi has since filed for assault charges against Harmonize and has shared his OB number.

However soon as Harmonize was released he denied assaulting Eric Omondi saying he is like his brother and has supported his art for a while now.

"Wewe unaeza kumpiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Does that make sense?" Said Harmonize when asked to answer about the allegations.