looking gorgeous in an all white attire
Victoria Rubadiri looking gorgeous in an all white attire
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We are already in a new month and Citizen TV presenter, Victoria Rubadiri wants you to begin the month on a very positive note.

In a lengthy post, the beautiful multi talented media personality reminded her followers that the current situations they are going through now, don't have to make sense but it surely will when the storm passes.

"'You don’t have the privilege of viewing your current circumstances through the lens of your future knowledge. You can only live through the pain of your present situation.'-Paraphrasing @stevenfurtick from one of his messages I heard today. It’s tough to accept, especially when you are in the middle of a storm," Rubadiri's post read in part.

Adding,  I mean who doesn’t want to know how it ends, or that everything will be OK. We literally live life by faith, because the reality is we really do not know what will happen next.

Yes, we can pray, hope and plan, but what the future holds is only known by One. (Remember we lived through a pandemic that no one saw coming)Our stories, our lives will always make sense backwards. Many things did not make sense at the time I was experiencing them.

The mother of one also opened up on how at one point she found herself overwhelmed and needed to 'sit out this game called life' and have someone play it for her. However, she had to do it on her own.

Her main message? Keep going!

"And what keeps me going is now seeing my past circumstances through the lens of my current knowledge. I’m OK now even though I didn’t know it back then. It all worked out for my good, well, up until this point at least. So don’t stop. Keep going. Your future self is waiting to read this chapter.